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GermanMind is Ireland's 5-Star Rated German language school for a reason. 

With over 450 students learning German with us since our inception in 2016, we have become one of Ireland's leading German language schools for quality education. 

GermanMind Director Sarah says:

'We have seen a huge increase in student numbers at the school since the pandemic, with increased accessibility and innovation in our virtual classrooms being the main reasons. We are delighted to introduce the German language to hundreds of students since 2016, and we continue to welcome new students every month. Bis bald!'

Houses in Tauber Germany

As a student focused school, we are on hand to answer questions outside of school times and outside of the typical Monday-Friday, 9-5 limits. We respond to all enquiries promptly, with no long wait times. We are easy to reach 7-days a week, just send us an email, text or whats app and we will get back to you As soon as we can! 

Each student is important to us! Their goals, their dreams and their progression is what we focus on. We offer free placement tests for all new students, providing accurate analysis on your current German language skills, and your goals with learning.  

Each class is taught by a native German teacher, with many classes taught by GermanMind´s director and founder Sarah who has many years experience teaching German. These passionate educators are the reason why we have a 75% retention rate in student admissions, and why in just 6 weeks you will be able to read, write, understand and speak German.

In a GermanMind class everyone knows your name, and everyone cares about your progress.

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Our fun and interactive virtual classroom is the home to high-quality German education. In class you will read to fellow students, listen to German media, undertake some entertaining activities, and have the opportunity to express your new German language skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Our teachers provide homework after each class, and extra curricular activities found in our exclusive GermanMind library, available only to GermanMind students to enhance your learning experience. We are also available outside of class hours if you have any questions, or need support or guidance. 

Our class sizes are small, with 8 students maximum, creating an intimate learning environment between your teacher and peers.

Our virtual classroom is home to many new friendships, where students embark on a German language journey together in class, and go on to become lifelong friends. Our interactive and supportive atmosphere builds confidence from day 1, where you will be speaking German like a native. 

Choose GermanMind for maximum progression and success for your German language goals.


The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR or CEF for short) is a standardized guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe and beyond. The lessons are based on the CEFR guidelines and cover all aspects of the German language.

These levels are classified as A1 for beginners, A2 for elementary, B1 for intermediate, B2 for upper intermediate, C1 as advanced, and C2 as mastery. We offer Complete German Courses (e.g Complete A1), and, like many other language schools, we also split these levels in half to accommodate students’ time and budget planning (e.g. level A1 is split into A1.1 and A1.2). Our courses take place all year round.