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5 of your most asked questions!

1. Is learning German difficult?

The answer is no! It is true that you must learn an array of German vocabulary, but over 40% of German words are similar to their counterparts in English. Learning German is easy with daily rituals, and techniques, proven to develop your German language skills. Our native German teachers tutor students under a successful learning process, wherein just 6 weeks you can learn the basic topics in German- introductions, family, hobbies, numbers, job, and travel.

2. Is speaking German necessary for living in Germany?

You don’t need to be a fluent German speaker to live in Germany, however your progress and participation within the community will advance if you speak the native language. German people will greatly appreciate you understanding their language, and trying to speak when at the supermarket, restaurant and so on. Your own experience will benefit if you learn German and get to converse with the locals and travel the country speaking the German language.

3. How can learning German help my career?

Did you know Germany has one of the best economies in the whole world? Learning German opens doors to a career in Germany, but also working here in Ireland with German companies, or remote working with German brands such as Lidl, BMW, and SAP.

Almost half of our students are learning German for career advancement and job satisfaction. We teach group courses and private lessons with a focus on German for business, and our students develop their German language skills while excelling in the workplace.

4. Is it possible to learn German quickly?

You can learn German in as little as 6 weeks, and achieve A1&2 levels within 12 weeks. If you are new to the German language, you can reach an intermediate level within 3 months, and understand, listen, read and speak German with confidence.

Each course is tailored to a set curriculum to help students learn with maximum progress and efficiency while achieving their individual goals. Our native German teachers work at a pace that is consistent with successful language coaching, and you can see why we are a 5-Star Student Rated school here by checking out our student success stories.

5. How do I learn German as a beginner?

Learning beginner German has never been easier with GermanMind. Beginner German is exciting, challenging, and fun all at the same time! Our A1 beginner course welcomes students with no German language experience, but with plenty of motivation and dedication. Your native teacher will guide you through 6-12 weeks of interactive and fun lessons, covering the four main language skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

You will cover topics such as personal introductions, family, work, and hobbies, as well as the alphabet, numbers, and the most important area- German grammar.

GermanMind is your biggest cheerleader, and we work with you to design a learning schedule that ensures maximum progress, and the achievement of your goals. Over 75% of beginner students return to class as intermediate and then advanced level students.

Check out our timetable for the next beginner course.


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