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German articles... anyone? 

How do you remember the German articles? A great general rule for learning German articles is treating the article of a noun as part of the word.

Don't learn Garten (garden), learn ➡️ der Garten. Don't just learn Tür (door), learn ➡️ die Tür. Not knowing a word's gender can lead to all sorts of other problems in the future but thankfully there are some hints that will help you remember the gender of a German noun. These guidelines work for many noun categories, but certainly not for all. For most nouns, you will just have to know the gender. If you're going to guess, guess der. The highest percentage of German nouns are masculine. Memorizing the article rules will help you get gender right without having to guess — at least, not all the time! ➡️ Always Neuter (Sachlich) Articles for words in these categories are das (the) and ein (a or an): Nouns ending in -chen or -lein: Fräulein, Häuschen, Kaninchen, Mädchen (unmarried woman, cottage, rabbit, girl/maiden). Infinitives used as nouns (gerunds): das Essen, das Schreiben (eating, writing). Names of hotels, cafés, and theaters. Names of colors used as nouns: das Blau, das Rot (blue, red) .... I could go on, and on, and on... #germanmind #weloveteaching #germanschool #germanlanguageschool #germancourse #germanclass #germanlessons #german #dublin #germanminddublin #learninggerman #learngerman #getfluent #germanminddublin #love


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