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German Beginner Courses - See you soon!

At GermanMind, we <3 teaching German.

In our German courses, you'll develop a solid foundation in German through speaking and using the language, instead of spending weeks on learning grammar rules.

So what does learning German at GermanMind really involve?

Learning German involves learning four related skills:

- Reading in German

- Listening in German

- Speaking in German

- Writing in German

German pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary are keys to these skills.

The difficulty of each skill depends on the person. For many, reading in German is easier than writing or speaking, but for some, speaking is the easiest. You'll discover what your strong points are as you start to learn the language - and we are here to help you.

As you can imagine, learning any one of these skills also helps you to learn the others. They're all very important if you want to become fluent in German.


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