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Hello February

January 2020 is over ‼ What an amazing month, right? I took a moment to briefly outline what's been going on at GermanMind 🖤❤💛

Our Business German classes seem to be most popular lately; I personally am specialised in Business German✌ so.if you are looking for Business German classes, it will be me knocking on your office door. We have received some inquiries about providing German lessons on site, several in wework Dublin, which is such a cool office space. I love it! And it's around the corner from our German Language School on Fitzwilliam Street in Dublin 2 which is super convenient. We do on-site German sessions outside of Dublin city centre as well, like at LIDL in Tallaght. Our General German private lessons have been coming along nicely in January, as always really... lots of new students mainly for my German teachers Maria, Annika and myself. Some students who only started to learn German, some who impressed us with their fluency. Thanks to all of you who keep me on my toes and "force" me to research new topics and themes! I've received some fresh and interesting questions and I'll see how I can work some of those into all of my German classes. It'll be fun! Our newest German Courses for February and March are online, there will be even more courses online soon 🙏💞 Not to forget our German Easter and Summer Camps for Junior Cert and Leaving Certificate. Hello February! #germanmind #weloveteaching #germanschool #germanlanguageschool #germancourse #germanclass #germanlessons #german #dublin #businessgerman #incompanytraining #germanteacher #germantutor #learngerman #learninggerman


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