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How to use The Past Perfect in German?

Fun fact: There is no simple past tense in Swiss German, they only use the perfect! Did you know that?

The fact that Swiss German has no simple past is, of course, related to the fact that it is exclusively a SPOKEN language and as you probably remember from your German classes, spoken German uses the present perfect tense; only written German uses the simple past. Different dialects of a language often incorporate different phonetics, endings and grammar – but this is SUPER different!

as an example – Swiss German speakers would not say: ‘Yesterday I was at home’, but instead they would say, ‘Yesterday I’ve been at home’.

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No matter what your age or what stage of your life you're at there's NEVER a BAD time to learn German! Learning something new, expanding your mind and gaining a new world view at any age is SO freeing! Most people have that ONE thing they've always wanted to do/learn but are forever putting it on the backburner saying, ''maybe next year.. maybe when the kids finish college.. maybe when I move to my new place..''. The truth is, we all have fears about learning new things and leaving our comfort zones but nobody can do it for us - YOU must (as cheesy as it sounds) be the one who decides to seize the day and do it!! One of my students is 74 years old and LOVES the classes! They are always in a nice atmosphere and with your own space! It's never too late - all it takes is a leap of faith and being prepared to amaze yourself. #LearnGerman #GermanMind #teachersofinstagram #inspo #ageisjustanumber #livetoday #learntoday #germanculture #german #deutsch #selfbelief


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