Would you like to speak German fluently?

November 28, 2018

If the answer to the above question is, "Yes, I would like to speak German fluently", then I am happy and will gladly share my knowledge with you.

To help others learn German is my specialty.

In this article I want to I introduce you to a great learning technique.

With the help of this technique I will teach you how to learn German on your own. Well, more precisely, I’ll show you the best way to learn to speak German on your own...


Three basic rules before I explain the learning technique and how to learn German speaking at home

Rule 1: Practice in small portions every day!

Continuous practice is very important. Have you ever heard the phrase „Skill comes with practice„? No matter what you want to learn, you have to practice a lot to make progress. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn a musical instrument, do a sport or learn to knit. If you don’t practice, you cannot improve. Well, if you want to learn German, that’s the same. The more you practice, the better you will become!

This is clear to everyone, but …

Many don’t know that it is much more effective to learn in small portions every day, instead of just for several hours at the weekend.

If you study twice a day for 30 minutes, that’s 7 hours a week. If you only study one day per week, 7 hours in a row, that’s the same amount of time, but you won’t learn nearly as much as if you had split the study material over several days.

Rule 2: Have fun speaking German

Many think that learning always involves effort, stress and oftentimes anxiety.

Why do you think that?

Most have had negative experiences at school, especially if they had German as a subject and had to speak German in front of the whole class. This is always an unpleasant feeling… One is afraid to make mistakes and to embarrass oneself. We all know that feeling, don’t we?

In addition, you have to learn a lot at school if you want to get good grades. Often you don’t feel like it and would much rather be together with friends or pursue your hobby.

So learning is often associated with negative feelings but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you find a way to learn and have fun, you often don’t even realize that you are learning. This is the most effective form of learning. If you have fun, you like to learn regularly.

Rule 3: Never give up!

If you study at home without a teacher, it can quickly happen that you lose track and you feel like you aren’t progressing anymore. This is a dangerous time and many just give up at that point. They don’t see any sense in continuing. They feel that no matter what they are doing or how much time they are investing; they are not progressing any more.

However, the feeling is deceptive!

If you study German every day, then you will improve as well – this is a fact! So don’t let that feeling affect you and just keep going. This feeling will go away.

If you follow the three rules above, you have already made it half way.

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