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What has been happening @GermanMind recently

August 12, 2017

During my weekend trip with my four-legged companion and master student "Henry Hund" to Killiney Hill (Dublin Bay, for those who might not know)I took a moment to briefly outline what's been going on at GermanMind.


My Business German classes seem to be most popular lately. I've received some inquiries about providing German lessons on site, in the office space of the client. That is no problem of course, but please note that on-site sessions outside of Dublin city centre present a bit of a logistical challenge. As with all of my German classes, just let me know if you want a particular topic to be covered and I'll prepare myself accordingly for the class! One last thing: Business German classes work best for groups up to 7 people. In case more people want to attend, I highly recommend to book at least 90 minutes classes, to ensure that everyone can actively participate to a decent level. And as always: Just contact me here on the website through the contact form or via Facebook in case of any questions, I'm here to help!

My General German lessons have been coming along nicely, as always, thanks to all of you who keep me on my toes and "force" me to research new topics and themes! I've received some fresh and interesting questions and I'll see how I can work some of those into all of my German classes. (For example, not overusing passive sentences, I am looking at you, Jarek :) !) It'll be fun! Some of the more technical/scientific topics will not make it into the General German lessons, but it sure was interesting to dive into them. With that said, it naturally leads to:

"Test Preparations and Grinds" mostly focused on preparing some of you for your B2 and C1 tests. Keep going, you're almost there! Let me know if you need any last minute help to make it over the finishing line. Given your level of preparation, you won't need luck but I'll cross my fingers for you nonetheless!

My latest Remote German lesson was a bit of an unusual one as well, since it was not a teaching lesson as such, but more of a support session to help with some German documents that had to be completed on time, with just a day until the end of the deadline! Not my typical type of session, but definitely intense and rewarding since we made it happen just in time!

Last but not least: My German classes for kids! I am currently thinking of starting another kids class in October, so if you are interested and want to put your name down, please let me know! As usual, I'd like to keep the group size to 5 kids, to make sure that it doesn't feel too much like school and can be fun.

That's it for now, thanks again for everyone's support and kind wishes!



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