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GermanMind is Ireland’s leading German language school based in the heart of Dublin.

GermanMind began its journey in 2016 when School Director Sarah saw how loved the German language and culture was in Ireland. The adoration for her native language inspired Sarah to create a language school where passion for the German language was a priority, and fun in learning was a given. 

  • GermanMind ethos is to teach German in a fun and friendly learning environment, with small class sizes, passionate, native German teachers 

  • Over 1000 students taught since 2016, a 75% retention rate of students who advance to the next level

  • We pride ourselves on our students advancing their language skills in our classrooms where no question is too big or small, and every student need is put to the forefront of their learning plan. 

  • We provide all students with a free language assessment to decide which course suits them and their needs most. 

  • Eight students per class maximum, where our experienced teachers can spend more time with each person, focusing on the area they most want to excel in, whether it is a general chat with friends or a business meeting with colleagues.


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Are you a German teacher searching for new opportunities?

GermanMind is unlike any other language school you know, our passion and pride for our native language shine out in all our students who leave class fluent in the German language. Do you want to accelerate your language skills today? Get in touch today!


We are GermanMind and we love teaching german. Here is why!

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I love teaching German because sharing my knowledge about the German language with my students is so rewarding. Most of my private students have been learning German with me for several months or even years. They are more than students, they are friends; teaching is more than a profession, it's a passion. GermanMind is like a small part of Germany but in Dublin; teaching German in Ireland feels like I am recreating a home away from home. I founded GermanMind to inspire, support and mentor people who are interested in the German language and in the German culture.


I love teaching German because I love helping people open new doors and achieve their goals. Students often come with the assumption that German is especially hard to learn, but it doesn’t have to be – you’ll see! I’m always trying to make German more accessible and when students tell me, after just a few classes, how they ordered drinks in German during their trip, or how they sent a German text message to a friend or that they finally understand the lyrics to that German song they heard on holidays – those are my favourite moments. And by making the language more accessible, a whole new culture becomes more accessible too.


I love teaching German because I enjoy sharing my knowledge as well as cultural aspects with others. The best part of my job as a teacher is when I see my students answering my questions more and more in German and I can feel their progress. 
Since I work with a wide variety of people from different parts of the world and all kinds of cultures every day, no two lessons are ever the same.

I am very happy to teach my students something new and to learn something new from at the same time.


I love teaching German because I thoroughly enjoy teaching my native language. 

It's exciting for me to see how soon my students can converse with me in my own language. This brings me great satisfaction. 

I love working with people, and I love the AHA moments my students get when they realize that German is actually a very logical, mostly predictable language (with a few exceptions :)). 

I also find the innate language acquisition skills each one of us possesses fascinating, and I'm on a constant quest to help each of my students discover how to best leverage these skills so they can get the best results possible.


I love teaching German because it connects people from different cultures and languages with a wonderful common ground, an interest in the language and culture of Germany. Furthermore, I find it very rewarding to follow and support the process of my students and thus to be part of their development. My personal goal is to support my students in achieving their own goals, whether it is for  private exchanges with German friends or the development of their careers.


I love teaching German because I am passionate about teaching students my mother tongue and, above all, loving my mother tongue. 
Often new students have a lot of respect for the German language, sometimes even fear, because the German language has the reputation of being particularly difficult to pronounce and hard to learn. I am particularly fascinated by finding out how each individual student learns and how I can best support their learning characteristics. Every class and every student is very different and so I am always personally enriched.

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GermanMind is recruiting passionate German teachers for daytime teaching as well as for evening courses. We love teaching here at GermanMind, and happy students are our focus.

You are a native German speaker or bilingual with extensive knowledge of up-to-date communicative teaching approaches and materials. You are able to plan and deliver interesting and motivating German lessons. You have at least one year’s experience of teaching. You are capable of teaching all levels of learners from beginner to advanced in private classes and group courses.  Please send your application to Sarah, info@germanmind.ie  Applications in German, please.

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