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we have the right German course for you!

Are you ready to speak German, make new friends and thrive in an exuberant classroom environment? 
Join GermanMind’s German group courses where our experienced native German teachers use interactive language teaching methods and high quality educational resources to deliver unparalleled learning for all students.

  • German classes for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced level

  • Small classes: eight students maximum per classroom, as we believe small classes = big progress! 

  • Native German teacher: Our German teachers are experienced teacher and passionate about the German language 

  • Focus on four key language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

You will also study grammar and extend your vocabulary through class interaction, homework and extracurricular activities such as watching a German movie, or listening to some German radio. 

You will be speaking German on your first day in class, and will continue to improve your pronunciation and confidence in the language by being encouraged to speak daily and do small tasks like writing your shopping list in German, or sending a text to a friend. 

Placement test

Test your German level and find the best course for you.