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Private German Classes


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Quick results with our

Private German Classes

In addition to our German group courses, we offer private German lessons for: 

General or Business German

Grinds for School & University students

Private tuition is intensive and is, for some of our students, the most effective way of learning German. Our Private German Lessons are available for beginner, intermediate and advance level as well as all ages - so for everyone.

The structure of the one-to-one class depends on your needs; you decide on the number of hours per day, the duration, tempo of the course and the learning content. You will progress at your own pace as you work towards achieving your individual study needs. 

All our German teachers and tutor have the ability to identify students’ problem areas and work with them in positive, constructive ways to achieve success. We cover Spoken Interaction/Spoken Production, Listening, Reading and Writing, Grammar and for all five skills at each level, there are sets of detailed exercises. All our German classes and courses here at GermanMind follow the regulations of the CEFR.

German Grinds for Junior Cert, Leaving Certificate, Third-Level Education

We are aware of the importance of exam preparation and we provide a friendly learning environment where our students can learn at their pace. Our classes are structured to meet their specific needs and take place with our fully qualified native German teachers.

We offering grinds in small groups for 5th and 6th year students as well as private lessons. In our German grinds, we will cover the grammar and conversation topics listed in the examination syllabus. Our students will develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and acquire full confidence on all the sections of the exam papers. Our German teachers are familiar with the class content as well as the exams.  Have a look at our Summer Camps for intensive learning!

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Would you like to study in private classes to learn German or improve your German?

German Private Classes for everone!

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