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3 reasons to learn German this summer

Summer is our favourite season of the year, the sun shines more often, temperatures rise, days get longer, evenings get filled with activities, and the atmosphere of summer fills us with motivation.

This summer why don’t you learn German online with us and experience the German language in a fun, interactive and motivating way. Here are three reasons why:

Get ready for travel again

Most of our students dream of holidaying in Germany with city breaks, weekends trips, and cultural excursions top of their list. Whether it is Oktoberfest, a weekend in Berlin, or interrailing with friends, now is the time to learn German and speak with confidence for your next trip. As the world is slowly opening up, you can plan your German adventure with the assistance of your native German teacher, and be fluent in the vocabulary and phrases you need to communicate effectively when over there.

German job opportunities

As the world is slowly recovering from the effects of Covid-19, so is the job market. Germany has been known to be home to some of the most successful brands in the world, many of whom have offices here in Ireland. We have worked with some huge German brands here in Ireland, educating their employees to an advanced level of German, developing strong customer relationships with the German market. We also had students who learnt German with us, helping them transition their move to Germany as smoothly and succinctly as possible. If a move to Germany is on the cards, or you want to enter the German job market here in Ireland, studying with GermanMind will ensure huge progress in business German and business communication.

Ace your German exams

As schools begin to bring back the leaving certificate in full form, oral, written and aural exams will be on the minds of many students and parents alike. GermanMind offers summer camps for junior and leaving cert students in Ireland who want to reach their German language goals and stay ahead of the curriculum with additional education. Dedicated and passionate native German teachers will guide you through German comprehension, reading, written and aural exercises, as well as providing you with strategies to maximise your grade for the big exam. Stay ahead of your peers and learn German online this summer before school resumes in September.

GermanMind has a number of courses to suit every level of learner, with free place tests if you are unsure. For a limited time only, we are offering all new beginner students €50 off our online German courses. Places are limited and courses are starting soon, book now.


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