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5 life changing reasons why you should learn a new language

One language sets you in a corridor of life. Two languages opens every door along the way’ Frank Smith

New year, new goals, let’s take back the language goals you set in 2020, and achieve them in 2021 with GermanMind.

Here are 5 life changing reasons why you should learn German:

Your travels will transform

Have you ever got lost in a city where you don’t speak the language? Have you ever been to a market and didn’t know how to haggle? Knowing the language when travelling enhances the complete travel experience from greetings with locals, chats with tour guides and increased immersion into local culture.

You’ll make new friends

All our students are buddied up in class to help develop their language skills by talking to each other, helping with class work, pronunciation etc. We started the language school almost five years ago and have students who met back then and still remain firm friends. As your teachers we hope you too class us as friends, as we love to be part of your language journey.

You’ll be more employable

Some of our students come to us with career progression goals with the German language. As German is the second most popular language in Europe, and with a huge amount of highly successful German companies in Ireland, your language skills will help you obtain a high paid role. We work with many students who currently work with companies such as Lidl and Aldi and wish to advance in their roles, we also work with students who wish to work as a bilingual employee for Irish companies breaking into the German market. We have over 50 students successfully advance in their careers thanks to their understanding of the German language.

Each new language becomes easier

Most students come to us speaking English as their first and only language, and once immersed into learning German, they say they find understanding and learning other languages much easier than before. Language is controlled in the left hemisphere of the brain, and like any other muscle, the brain once activated into learning a new language is better at retaining and understanding new languages. Understanding grammar, nouns, verbs in one language, will help you carry through these practices in other languages too. You will be able to speak the many languages of Europe in no time!

You’ll become more confident

Learning a new language is a great way to boost your self esteem and develop your confidence. You have taken the first step in learning a new language, trying something new, and in class we encourage you every step of the way, and don’t forget your buddy too, the new friendship will help you grow and develop.

As you grow in confidence with your language skills, your confidence will spill over into other areas of your life too.

We have courses starting on January 11th, with limited spaces available. Book now and let GermanMind help change your life. For more on our courses see here.


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