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German Grammar? How to remember German Grammar!


Did you know that haben (to have) and sein (to be) are two of the most common verbs you will learn in #German? These are VERY important for beginners as you will use them almost ALL the time - especially when talking about yourself! Eg. Ich bin _ Jahre alt! (I am _ years old!) The trick with German verbs is to learn the endings and then figure out if there’s anything special about the verb in which case it changes! Eg. General endings for verbs are ‘e, st, t, en, t, en/en’ but this can change with certain verbs!


Did you know that in many cases you can predict the gender of a noun by its ending? Certain endings are associated with gender and this can make learning German just a little bit easier! For example: ‘-ig, -ling, and -ant’ generally take the masculine, so... der Honig (the honey)

Endings that take the feminine are ‘-ei, -schaft, -heit, -keit’ so.. die Bücherei (the library) Hopefully these grammar tips can make your journey a little easier.

Check our timetable. We have German group courses for all German levels - if you wonder how to check your German level, send us an email to info@germanmind.ie to book a Free German level test with one of our native German teachers. Our private German lessons do not have a timetable as we offer them on a flexible basis. Say Hello!


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