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German sports: Bundesliga and more

The most popular sport to be played and viewed in Germany is football (Fußball), with the Bundesliga, Germany’s football league being one of the most famous football leagues in Europe. German people are very passionate about their sport, and this topic is one of the best to study when learning German, as it will enable you to hold a lengthy and interesting conversation with German natives.

Although Fußball is the most played and watched sport in Germany, there are many sports that are practised and watched, producing some of the World’s biggest sports stars.


Germany had huge success in the 80s and 90s with incredible wins and memorable moments. Boris Becker was the youngest player ever to win a title at Wimbledon at 17, and went on to win six major singles titles including the U.S. Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon.

Not to be outdone as the only famous German tennis star, Steffi Graf led the female side with 22 major titles, as well as being crowned world number one in 1987, a title she held for over four years.

Speaking of world number ones, Angelique Kerber ranked number one in 2016 after a hugely successful year overcoming Serena Williams and Karolina Plíšková.

With role models such as these, we have no doubt the next generation of tennis stars will be just as successful.

Formula 1

Once hailed as the greatest racing driver of all time, Michael Schumacher dominated the F1 scene from the 90s to 00s. Ranked as the highest paid driver in the world, he has won seven championships, and still holds the most victories in F1 history.