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  • Sarah

German Stereotypes - All you need to know!

As a native German living in Ireland, teaching Irish students, I have come across my fair share of stereotypes about Germany. Some of these are 100% true, and some are so ludicrous we can only sit and laugh.

Today I will debunk some common stereotypes with some facts, stories, and lots of laughs.

Germans on holidays - I think this has to be the first one, as it was the first one mentioned to me when I moved to Ireland in 2015- Germans love getting up early on holidays to reserve the sun loungers! I will admit I have not done this, however I know many people who have. I think most Germans are efficient and want to make the most of their holiday time, and want to ensure they have a sun lounger to sit on. Yes we sometimes like to get up late too, but we are not huge drinkers so will often get up early and start the day by the pool. Stereotype=Correct

Germans love order - I cannot even try to deny this, yes we are (all 83 million of us) super organised and love structure in our lives. We like to follow rules, and if you are ever in Germany, please observe Germans crossing the street and waiting for the green light to show. Even if no cars are present, we will not cross the road on a red light, it is frowned upon, and of course illegal (jay walking). We love order so much we have at least four bins in our homes- for plastics, paper, glass and general waste. We separate our waste like it’s an olympic sport. We love rules so much that there is a government office called Ordnungsamt, which literally translates to “office of order.” Stereotype=Correct

Germans love beer - I know you’re all thinking of Oktoberfest right now. Germany has over 1,300 breweries and more than 5,000 different brands of beer. In 2019, Germany ranked second in Europe for beer consumption, just behind the Czech Republic (they invented Pilsner), which happens to be the top beer for Germans. Paulaner's Hefeweizen is a firm favourite amongst Irish people, and one of our biggest exports. Stereotype=Correct

Germans are punctual - Being on time is a given for Germans. It is a sign of respect to the person you are meeting, not saying we are never late, but we would be extremely apologetic if this was the case. Public transport runs on a schedule like here in Ireland, with very few delays, and over 90% punctuality. On a recent survey Germans were asked what customs they are the most proud of, over a third (37.3 percent) were quick to answer “punctuality.” Stereotype=Correct

Germans wear Lederhosen all the time - again thoughts of Oktoberfest spring to mind when thinking of this style of dress. Lederhosen (traditional leather pants for men) and Dirndl (traditional dress for women) culture is kept alive through Oktoberfest all around the world. The German outfits originated in Bavaria in 1870 worn by the working class peasant community. Be warned if you come visit Germany you will most likely not see any German citizens wearing these clothes. Stereotype=Incorrect

Germans love football - one word: Bundesliga. German football (soccer) games are the most attended sport games in Germany. The German Football Association consists of more than 26,000