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Get Better German Beginner course Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

Learning a new language can be daunting, whether you are familiar with the language or not.

Our beginner German courses are the most popular course in our German language school, with hundreds of students signing up annually to start their language journey with us.

All our students who transition to intermediate level tells us there are three key steps in learning German from beginner level and they are:

Do your homework

Yes we do give homework in class, and we do check on your coursework the following week, ensuring you completed the assigned tasks. All your classes are tailored to help you reach your language goals, and these include working through various course books, and having extra curricular activities to compliment the work done in class.

Small classes only

We keep class sizes small with 8 students max, and from day one we buddy you up with another student. This buddy system has proven effective with all students, as it allows you to communicate your skills, challenges, and goals with the German language. All students are encouraged to communicate outside of class, this includes texts, calls, zooms. Pre covid times we did organise coffee meetings for classes to mix and chat, however now we do this online. Student feedback suggests sharing your language journey with another has helped greatly with tasks such as reading and pronunciation. We even have groups who met in class four years ago, and still chat regularly, in German of course. You will improve your learning, and gain a new friendship all in one!

Use the language everyday

At the beginning of learning a new language it may seem overwhelming to try to use it everyday, but doing so will improve your language retention greatly. Use flashcards on your lunch break, place post-its around the house with the item's name in German, try to write your shopping list in German, start to watch German movies, listen to German radio. You may not understand every word, maybe none at all, but the goal is to familiarise yourself with the sound of the language and pronunciation of words.

Beginner courses generally are 6 weeks long, and if you are passionate about learning German and follow these easy steps, you will flourish at the language in this short space of time, and will be ready for the next course.

Are you ready to learn? Check out our timetable for the next available course.


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