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Going Back to your German class Post-COVID-19: How Are You Preparing for Your Return?

We’re all trying to do what’s best for us in the current situation, and our safety precautions can vary for lots of reasons: age, location, personal risk, state/county guidelines, our personal health conditions. These and other factors can affect our choices regarding our own health and safety measures, but we here at GermanMind are adhering to government guidelines and prioritising the health and safety of our teachers and students before reopening for group courses on the 10th of August. 1.    Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.  Hand sanitizer is so important these days. Everyone wants to get their hands on it (or get it on their hands?). We have asked some of our students and almost 50% of you mentioned bringing your own hand sanitizer, wiping down your table and chair, washing your hands, or general sanitization when going back to school.  2.    We keep it small.  Keeping the group courses small is what we do from day 1. In the past, the reason was to make sure all our students get the most out of their German class. We all love our German group courses and we’re all missing our in-person classes a lot right now. Surprisingly, even with social distancing precautions in place, about 80% of our students would prefer to return to your German group course rather than sticking with online classes or private lessons at school. But we also know our classes are probably going to look a little different when we return. In response to our question about what you’re doing to prepare and stay safe, 32% mentioned hoping for smaller class sizes. We have decided to reduce the number of students from 8 to only 6 students per class. 3.    Stay home.  Although many counties are beginning to reopen language schools, you may not feel comfortable returning quite yet. About 20% of respondents said they would be staying home for a bit, despite business and language schools reopening. They mentioned continuing to join our online German classes for another while, waiting until COVID numbers are down locally, and feeling safer in their homes for the time being.   Fun fact: we’re all loving online classes. I personally love my virtual bubble! 80% of respondents said they’d “totally!” continue taking virtual classes, even if they’re going to the studio as well. You spoke - we listened. We will continue teaching our German courses and private classes online. Did you know that our teachers Ronald and Lukas are located in Germany? Whether you’re camping outside of our class room doors, masking up and entering with caution, or sticking to online German classes for a while, it’s up to you to decide how to prepare and stay safe right now. We are looking forward to seeing you in August - online and at our school. Check our timetable for our next German group courses back at school. We also offer a 10% discount on all our group courses, online and at school.

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