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Hallo, we are GermanMind!

Small classes

At GermanMind we keep class sizes small to ensure quality learning for all our students. With 8 students max, small classes= big progress. Small groups allow the teacher to get to know each student on a deeper level, understand their language skills, learning processes, and inspire confidence in each one with daily chats in German. Smaller groups allow for instant feedback in class, where the teacher has the ability and resources to spend time with each student and evolve each class to suit the needs of each student.

Native teachers

At GermanMind we have 6 native German teachers who have successfully taught hundreds of students thus far. Each teacher speaks with a different dialect from their home region, and will teach our students the most common dialect as well as picking up some accent from their mother tongue.

Passionate teachers

Our experienced teachers have a passion for teaching, providing an education with heaps of enthusiasm and care. We not only teach the curriculum, we also provide additional resources to enhance your language skills. Our approach is one of fun, interactivity and progress, we support you with your language goals, and ensure you exceed your German expectations.

Online classes

Our virtual classroom is home to weekly live learning sessions for students from beginner level to advanced. Our interactive online classes make you feel like you’re in our school, even when you’re sitting at your kitchen table. We use Google Hangouts for our online classes, no need to download anything to join our classes, just click the link we provide. Same great teachers, same great experience, less commute!

Excellent learning resources

We follow the guidelines of Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CERF), utilising workbooks, textbooks and other educational resources to provide the best learning experience we can. We collaborate with International Books in Dublin 2, offering our students a 10% on all literature.

Affordable Fees

You can begin your German language journey with us for as little as €240 for a full course. Working on four key language skills, you will be able to understand, speak, read and write everyday phrases and expressions.

Enter a world of opportunities with the German language, and learn with us today.


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