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Happy Friday, students!

What are your go to ways to improve your learning skills? Here are mine☝️ Imagine that you have to teach someone else what you are learning. Works great for me. Did you know that adjective endings, cases, pronouns and all the fun grammar parts come natural to you in your mother tongue? Dedicating 30-50 minutes sections to learning new material separated by 10 minute breaks is an efficient way of learning. Did you notice that the exercise in our Gernsn group courses or private session never takes longer that 40 min? ☝️ Take your notes with pen and paper, not digitally. That will help you learn and comprehend better. It takes more focus, makes you listen more actively. And, super important: Practice distributed learning, or “spacing.” It consists of reviewing the information one to two days after first studying it. My student Alex recently revealed that he talks to himself. In German. A lot. It might sound funny - but it's an amazing way to improve your speaking and listening skills at the same time. Try it! #germanmind #weloveteaching #dublin #germanminddublin #germanmind #weloveteaching #germanschool #learngerman #getfluent #learninggerman #love #german


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