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How to get fluent in German

First of all, our New B1 German courses in March and April 🖤❤💛

The focus of our courses is on familiar topics and situations and clear speech. And the exciting thing is that you’ll be able to deal well with most real-live situations You can use longer, more complex phrases to talk much more freely than before about events, your attitudes and plans.

Our B1 courses are already part of the intermediate level and you will expand your German vocabulary and learn more about topics such as work, education, leisure and family. These will be related to food and beverages, clubbing, festivals and public holidays in Germany and here in Dublun as well. New aspects of the German language will challenge you and at the same time improve your skills.

Your German grammar skills will reach a new level. We will.focus on the subjunctive II and the perfect applied to more difficult examples. Finale clauses and sentence structure, modal and reflexive verbs. In addition, your teacher will give you more tips and exercises regarding German prepositions, don't we all simply love German prepositions?


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