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How to learn German!

You know WHY you want to learn German, lets look at HOW to learn German.

If you want to learn a language like German, you have to prepare yourself for a whole lot of idioms and unusual terms. The grammar and spelling peculiarities make learning so difficult, but also so interesting and unique.

In addition, there are different dialects spoken in many parts of Germany, which have many more idioms and word creations. Now it's time to build up a large vocabulary so that when you visit Germany for the first time, you'll be able to hold a conversation with the locals.

Learn German - prefer simple learning methods

For a conversation, the use of many idioms can always be valuable, because they are readily used and can lead to misunderstandings if not understood. The actual meaning of words can easily be twisted when a person "Tomaten auf den Augen hat" or "zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe geschlagen werden".

The double meaning of words can cause confusion in learning, therefore you should always use a very light and clear method for learning. For this purpose, there are pictures that show with simple drawings what words often do not suggest. If you want to converse with Germans without any problems, you should also master some idioms.

Learning idioms - repetition is necessary

With a few tricks, it is easier to become familiar with German idioms. When learning, you should always repeat the idioms aloud, so that you can also acquire the best pronunciation of the words.

With the possibilities of the Internet, learning languages can be even easier, because you can contact people from all over the world through chat functions. Thus, German Internet users are also happy to chat with foreign friends and help them learn the German language. It is possible to test idioms of all kinds in a conversation and also to be corrected if the idiom was used in the wrong way.

Mastering the German language requires constant practice which brings good knowledge of the German language.

German foreigners like to share their knowledge of the German language

When you are buying Brötchen in a German bakery or ordering food in a German restaurant, you will quickly see that German foreigners like to share their knowledge of the German language with interested people abroad. This is not the only place where they can be practiced. You can still learn German phrases, which have a certain meaning, but which have a completely different meaning in everyday life. In some cases, there is already a difference between the formulations that young German people use as vocabulary in everyday life, and those that the older generation know as normal vocabulary. With daily use on vacation or on the Internet it can work out in such a way that the tricky phrases of the German language can be learned very easily.


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