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How to learn German with German cake!

If you have a sweet tooth you will love German and Germany! Let me explain... In Germany there is a tradition known as Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cakes). Every afternoon friends/coworkers/loved ones gather together at Cafes or in homes for a few hours of socializing over coffee and cakes! Has there ever been a better reason to #LearnGerman?

And while you are eating delicious cake, here is a great tip for your German vocab learning! Visual Learning!

Just drawing a small picture beside new words will help you associate words with an object or idea! These DO NOT have to be works of art by any means - as long as it MAKES SENSE to you that's all that matters! Also keeping a small book/copy for new vocabulary is highly recommended as you can keep a note of all your new words that you learn in class and look back at it later! Its hugely important to know yourself and figure out what style of learning suits YOU!! If you’re a visual learner little pictures will really help and stick in your mind, so do this regularly for best results!


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