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Is learning German online good?

Research has shown that students learning online perform better than those receiving face-to-face instruction - and here at GermanMind we agree!

Learning online with GermanMind gives students the opportunity to study German in the comfort of their own home, in any given location, with small classes that create an intimate, interactive environment.

Our online course timetable allows for an easy transition from work to study, with 6.30pm and 7pm start times. GermanMind classes are friendly and open, so don't worry about getting a babysitter, we can let the little ones learn with us too!

We ask all students to leave their camera on so our native German teacher can see how everyone is understanding the course work, and to encourage a social atmosphere, and of course see our students' faces when they pronounce new words!

GermanMind Director Sarah says: 'We have seen a huge increase in student numbers at the school since the pandemic, with increased accessibility and innovation in our virtual classrooms being the main reasons. We are delighted to introduce the German language to hundreds of students since 2020, and we continue to welcome new students every month.

Kick start your autumn with learning German in Ireland's leading German language school, see here for the next courses!


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