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Learn German online

Our online German classes are still extremely popular. But what are the most important features of an educational programme for successful online German learning? How do GermanMind teachers ensure that our students simultaneously improve their speaking, writing and listening skills while mastering grammar and vocabulary without being in the classroom?

GermanMind has been known throughout Ireland for successful German courses since the beginning of the pandemic. Many characteristics that apply to regular classes also apply to online German learning. For example, comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter, the proper use of a whiteboard to help students understand and apply new skills, and the incorporation of concepts and new ideas.

At GermanMind, the focus is on three additional skills that have taken on a more central role in teaching methodology with the advent of online courses.

Learning German through immersion

The biggest advantage of online learning over regular classes is that almost all senses can be activated through the use of digital media. Digital media can be used much more effectively in an online environment. By using these tools in the right way, we make each and every student feel immersed in the German language. Teachers who are more familiar with the tools available to them in the digital world have a clear advantage over others. Their lessons will be more interactive, engaging and motivating for our students as a result. And motivation is even more important in online courses, as learner fatigue is a real threat to student attention and progress.

To ensure that no student is left behind, it is even more important to make our lessons interactive and engaging by using the various tools at our disposal.

Effective classroom management

You can't learn German without encouragement. Classroom management is an important skill in the teacher's toolbox that, when used successfully, transforms a common German lesson into an experience that keeps students coming back. We select German teachers who have a natural presence and an uncanny ability to guide their students. In addition, our teachers are constantly improving their skills through regular training. In an online environment, it is important to quickly see student progress, focus and engagement.

Learn German with well-prepared online lessons

A well-prepared online German lesson needs to be more carefully planned than in a regular classroom, but also provide enough flexibility to support weaker students while encouraging the stronger learners. "Reading" our students during ongoing lessons and intervening accordingly improves students' experience and progress in learning German.

Creating the future of German language teaching

Is online learning the future of language teaching or is it just a temporary measure? One thing is certain, however: the skills and experience gained in online lessons can also be used in regular classes, leading to a better learning experience for our students. Why else do we teach, if not to help others learn as best we can? The best way to build conviction and confidence is to let students speak German as a foreign language on their own after the third or fourth lesson, without really knowing why.

During our second online German class back in spring of 2020 my dog Henry suddenly jumped onto my lap. He was in the picture and the students loved it. He has become a part of the classroom. I think that's what I like about online German lessons, whatever you want to call it, online German course, learn German online, German course online.

Definitely online classes AND definitely classroom-based German classes!

Since the beginning of 2022, we already offer German courses in our school in D2 again. Our face-to-face courses are very popular, but so are our online courses. And our online courses have a very clear advantage: finding the best teachers in Dublin of all places is not that easy. I myself work mainly from our school in Dublin, but GermanMind now has teachers from all over the world. Caroline is in Co. Kerry, Robert is in Dublin, Eva and Anne are even in Italy, Alex is in Germany and Silvie is in Switzerland, and I am here in Dublin. I love both parts of teaching, online and at school. I am especially happy that we are now able to have the best German teachers from all over the world at GermanMind and offer the best German classes!

... and I love to have a coffee with my students during lunchtime, and a glass of wine with my students on Baggot Street after the evening German class.

Until next time, have fun learning German with us,



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