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Love is all you need!

Hi students, 

How are you getting on? Wie geht es euch?

Studies say that our minds need 14 days to adjust to new situations. So, let me ask again: How are you doing? Are you working from home? And, how does working from home work for you? Coronavirus is topic number 1 in my daily private classes. Naturally, we all want to keep up to date and know what's going on. What do you do for your mind these days? How do you stay positive in the current situation? Have you adjusted to working remotely? At GermanMind, we have been offering remote classes from day 1. We have students all over Ireland - Belfast, Wexford, Galway. Working from home all day is new for most of us. But hey, we are 2 weeks in and the conversations are more positive, I see happy faces on my screen. I love it!

Our school on Fitzwilliam Street is closed until the 19th of April. Right decision but sad decision. Our online German courses have been coming along nicely - I am delighted, I really am. The amount of positive feedback from our current and new students is incredible. Interactive classes with the same teacher, same books and class content - same amount of homework! What can go wrong?

Check out our offer for Private German Classes - Online and our 25% Early Bird Discount for our Online German group courses. As always, we offer a separate discount for our existing students! Wunderbar!

"Love I all you need" ...and a daily routine.

Going to work is one of the things we do every day without really thinking about it. Now, most of us are working from home...

We are happy to provide some normality with our German classes. COVID-19 can't  stop us from teaching online. 

See you soon, online and in person,

Sarah xx


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