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Nice idea to learn German! 

Putting a German book under your pillow wouldn't be my number 1 tip to learn German 🤭 even though I enjoy the idea of falling asleep and after 8 hours you are fluent in any language. “Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache,” (German language, difficult language) is a German phrase my student Conor was using the other day. Nein!! I don't believe in that! German isn’t that difficult. I agree that the German language has got quite a reputation maybe because there are 16 different ways to say “the” 🚨 Okay, there are 16 different "the's", there is nothing we can do about it ☝️ thankfully, there is reason behind most of them ➡️ German nouns ending in -keit or -heit, such as die Krankheit (illness) and die Dankbarkeit (gratitude), or -ung and –schaft, such as die Bedeutung (meaning) and die Botschaft (embassy) are, you guessed it, feminine and have the article "die" 🖤❤💛 Stay tuned for more German tips😁


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