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One of Sarah's favourite German words

Welcome to one of my favourite German words to explain: »Noch« is one of those little words that is really hard to learn for my students, just like »eben«, »ja«, »halt«, »doch«. Not implying the rest of the language is easy to learn …

Petra arbeitet heute lange. Sie ist müde, aber zufrieden. Sie kauft noch ein und geht nach Hause.

In this context, it means that on top of all the other things she did, she also went shopping, but that's frankly the last thing the managed to do, because, you see, it's been a long day and she's tired. Note that I've overstated and exaggerated a little bit to make the meaning clear.

More »noch« examples:

Gut, noch ein Bier, aber dann ist Schluß! (one final beer, the stress is on »ein«)

Los, noch ein Bier, ich hab Durst! (come on, another one)

- TBC -


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