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Online! Online! Our Online German Courses are starting soon!

Even though Dublin, Ireland is in the midst of a lockdown, we are looking forward to our next German Online Courses starting on Saturday. And you should too! There are a few spaces left on our German Courses AND we are beyond happy that all courses will take place - online in our virtual classrooms YEAH! Our students are great: clear focus on their personal or career goals - IMPRESSIVE!

A recent survey has revealed a large increase in interest in online courses and training as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. On a personal note: My pilates course has moved to Zoom as well. And I love it!

Across the country, people are changing the way they work, parent and interact socially, working remotely from home is the new normal... and the Internet has had a major role to play in that transition.Online or distance learning programmes like our Online German Courses can offer the same quality content as on-campus programmes.

Even though we are looking forward to seeing you again in our classrooms in Dublin, we hope you join our German Online courses for now! Bis bald!

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