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Stay at home and learn German: Interactive and Online. I am loving it!

As much as I’m really missing seeing you guys in person I’m absolutely loving being able to teach German in our new virtual bubble!

Not only are the next German classes online now, we also added an extra 25% discount on our German courses. The code is STAYATHOME

Open for bookings now! Check our timetable! Our Private German classes don´t have a timetable because we offer them on a flexible basis. We have availability for morning classes, lunchtime, afternoon and in the evenings classes. Send us a text to info@germanmind.ie for your booking.

All our classes will take place online via Google Hangouts and Skype as long as we have to stay at home because of COVID-19. But hey, knowing that staying at home and working from home is only temporary makes it easier, right? Plenty of time to finally learn German!

Our classes are still small - on purpose! We want to make sure you get the most out of your German classes; ask your questions, speak a lot, we have time to cover certain Grammar topics more than once. Until it makes sense for all of our students. And yes, we can see that on your face :)

More online German courses starting soon, we will have new German courses starting in April and May for all levels - Beginner up to Advanced!

Save 25% on all our German private classes and German group courses until end of April. No joke!

Plan ahead, the self-isolation because of coronavirus is only temporary! Soon closed pubs and closed coffee shops will be open again, and so will GermanMind! Hurra!

Keep safe, keep happy, keep motivated. We are in this together.

Sarah xx


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