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The top 20 German vocabulary you need to know about Covid-19

When Covid-19 hit the world, it also hit our classrooms as we had to teach our students the basic vocabulary related to the crisis we were living in. With coronavirus still prevalent in society, and with some measures set to become precedent, we list the essential words and phrases you need to know about Covid-19.

  1. die Pandemie – pandemic

  2. die Gesundheit – health

  3. die Selbstisolierung – self-isolation

  4. die Handhygiene – hand hygiene

  5. der Impfstoff – vaccine

  6. Mensch zu Mensch – from person to person, be aware that this is how the virus spreads

  7. die soziale Distanzierung - social distancing

  8. der Husten - cough

  9. das Fieber – fever

  10. infiziert – infected

  1. Der Online-Unterricht - Online classes

  2. Die Maske - Mask

  3. Das Händedesinfektionsmittel - Hand sanitiser

  4. Die Schließungen - Closures

  5. Der Lockdown - Lockdown

  6. Die Reisebeschränkungen - Travel restrictions

  7. Der Covid-Test - Covid test

  8. Der Abstrich - Swab

  9. Die Covid-Tageswerte - Covid daily figures

  10. Die Sicherheit - safety

Here are GermanMind we take the safety of our students very seriously, and teach all German courses and German classes online during lockdown. When in class (when safe to do so) we ensure small class sizes with 5 students max in class, We have windows and doors open for ventilation, and provide hand sanitiser for all students, as well as wearing masks ourselves.


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