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Think Positive - Learn German online @GermanMind!

Hello from GermanMind! Happy Sunday ☀️☀️☀️ We think it's important to spread positivity right now⁣⁠! Walking in nature is still something that we can enjoy on our own, at a safe distance from one another⁣ ➡️🔛⬅️⁠ let's focus on the natural beauty all around us ☘️⁣⁠ ⁣⁠Get outside today and breathe in some nature! ⁣⁠

In case you have heard someone shouting in German in the Wicklow Mountains this afternoon - that was probably me... making sure my friend can really understand all the important things I have to say from a distance because of COVID-19

Knowing that staying at home and workig from home is only temporary makes it easier, or is it just me? We are in a lucky position. All we have to do is stay at home, or drive an extra mile - literally - to a place without people. Thankfully, there plenty of places like this around Dublin.

At GermanMind, we now focus on online learning. Our lunchtime and evening group courses take place online - guys, thanks for your lovely feedback after week 1. Super motivation for us to keep going!

Our private students are happy with online classes as well - I was delighted! I couldn't imagine to suddenly stop teaching 😰

We will have more online courses starting soon. And we understand that these are difficult times - for all of us. Some of our students lost their jobs or a temporary unemployed - we will offer all our German private classes and German group courses fora reduced price, 25% off. AT LEAST!

We will have our popular Early Bird Prices as well - let´s plan ahead, the self isolation because of corona virus is only temporary! Soon closed pubs and closed coffee shops will be open again, and so will GermanMind!

Keep an eye on our website, guys, we will update our next German courses shortly!

Keep safe, keep happy, keep motivated. We are in this together.

Sarah xx



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