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Virtual German classes at GermanMind! See you online!

Hello from GermanMind 🖤❤💛 Hello from my home office!

Henry Hund has a new virtual friend! Since our German classes take place in a virtual classroom, we got a virtual cat miau 🐱

We all have to #stayathome at the moment, we all work from home until we are safe to be outdoors again after COVID-19. 🔜 There are so many benefits when working remotely and learning German online - education without leaving home 💕 nice! There is a high number of online courses and our German online courses are quite unique as the classes are interactive and not just on tape 🎞 what would we do without teaching German? 🤔

Nowadays, it is possible to learn almost everything online - you need discipline and determination to achieve your goal same as with classes in person classes 👋 our German classes and courses take place in the form of interactive classes 👩‍🏫 with a live teacher ➡️ no chance to hide 🤭

Coronavirus, working from home, social distancing... the current situation is so challenging for all of us. I enjoy my private German classes even more. A bit of normality even though I am working from home. How about you?

We take social distancing seriously and want out students and teachers to stay at home. Check out our remote German classes AND our 25% discount for all German courses and German lessons! Get your discount! ➡️ info@germanmind.ie

Stay safe & stay at home💕


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