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WARNING: CUTENESS ALERT (After reading this post you may feel an ‘awww’ coming on...)

So, one of the reasons that people come to me to learn #German might come as a bit of a surprise to you; LOVE. ❤️ Many people come to me ready, willing and motivated to learn because they a) have a German speaking partner and would like to be able to speak to them in ‘die Muttersprache’ (the native language/mother tongue) which helps to UNDERSTAND their worldview/culture/influences/humour or b) their son/daughter has a German partner and they want to be able to make the person feel welcome/be prepared to speak German with future grandchildren!! 💕 All of these reasons are amazing and show such respect and love in all relationships - so so süß! (sweet). On a personal note, when I met my partners parents for the first time, the mother said sweetly ‘Hallo und herzlich Willkommen!‘. She later admitted that she had been practicing all day - it made me feel super welcome and at home! 🤗 Many people work hard for weeks to learn and then surprise their partners/children and it’s just one of the reasons that I LOVE my job! Have a great day!💕 #GermanMind #LearnGerman #love #germanculture #reasonstolearn #reasonstolove #teachersofinstagram #dublin #dublinigers #deutsch #germanlearning #languagelearning #lovemyjob


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