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We like German beer.

Very many Germans, Austrians and Swiss like to drink beer. But the place to drink beer together is not called the same for you. Because in the German-speaking countries there are quite different words for pub.

A couple of friends want to meet in town to have a few beers together. Where should they go? In most parts of Germany, they say: in die Kneipe. This word is common in almost all regions of the republic. It comes from the German word knipen. It means sitting or standing close together - and that's how it is in almost every pub.

In southern and western Germany, however, the term Wirtschaft is also commonly used. In Bavaria, people also know the Wirtshaus. The Swiss have their own word for this institution. In the Alpine Republic, almost everyone speaks of the Beiz. Similar words exist in many parts of Austria (Beisel) and in Swabia (Boiz or Boaz). All these variants derive from the Yiddish word bajis. It means house or inn.

The greatest variation for the name of a place you visit specifically to drink is in Austria: in addition to Beisel, some Austrians also say Wirtshaus or Gasthaus. The canton of Graubünden in southeastern Switzerland also has its own expression: spunten. And the South Tyroleans use a word that is also known internationally: bar. This expression has probably become common there because many people in the northern Italian region speak Italian (il bar) as well as German.

Und wohin gehst du?


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