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What to expect from a German A1.1 Beginner German class @GermanMind

Picture this, you have just signed up to attend GermanMind´s German beginner class, you are excited, nervous and don’t know what to expect. Your native German teacher has emailed you learning material according to your German level outlining the class schedule and lesson plan, and you’re awaiting your textbooks in the post. Students at GermanMind always get a 10% discount on all learning material.

Here is what to expect from joining a German beginner class at GermanMind:

  1. You are assigned a native German teacher and class at a time that is convenient to you.

  2. Each class has a maximum of eight students as we believe small classes=big progress

  3. You are sent some learning material and access to our online material before your first class to prepare you for the 6 weeks ahead

  4. Day 1 - we run through the syllabus with you, we get to know each other in class and we are learning German together

  5. You speak German in every class, yes even on day one

  6. You are given homework to complete for next week, and yes we do check!

  7. You are also provided with extra curricular activities (online and offline) that will advance your learning outside of class.

  8. In each class you speak with your teacher and the other student and practice pronunciation, reading and writing together.

  9. You get hooked on the language and can’t wait to learn more

  10. Next course: A1.2 Post-Beginner course to finish level A1!

Our new students here at GermanMind are excited and eager to learn German with us, with over 75% progressing to intermediate and advanced courses within months. Wunderbar!

It is very important to us to nurture our students when learning a new language and create a fun and friendly environment to succeed in.

Interested to find out more from a student perspective? Check out our student testimonials to find out why GermanMind is Ireland’s leading German language school.

Find our timetable and course details on our website, and if you have any questions please email info@germanmind.ie


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