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  • Sarah

Why learning a new language like German should be your New Year's resolution

As a new year approaches, and we get ready to pop the champagne on New Year’s Eve, we spend time thinking of our goals and ambitions for the year ahead, and learning a new language should be one of your goals. Unlike many new year’s resolutions, learning German with GermanMind is achievable, and will provide you with unlimited potential and opportunities! Below we will discuss the many reasons why you should make learning a language your new year’s goal:

  1. Improve your mental health

Your brain is a muscle, and learning a new language is like sending your brain to the gym every week. You strengthen and expand the left hemisphere of your brain when you take on the challenge of learning a new language, including increasing the white and gray matter in your brain, which is the area that contains most of the brain’s neurons. The increase in activity and change in the brain's neuroplasticity also has a huge effect on preventing brain disease such as alzheimers and dementia.

Apart from this, learning a new language in GermanMind offers tools to improve your mental health including small interactive classes where students become friends, and connectivity is one of the most highlighted aspects of learning. You form bonds with fellow students when learning, we encourage you to buddy up and chat outside of class, often we have seen friendships that last long after class finishes.

  1. Greater career options

Many of our students come to us to learn business German, to excel in their current role, or to apply for their dream job. Many students often come to learn the language for fun, and end up working for a German company upon course completion.

German is the second most spoken language in Europe, with 36% o