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Why shouldn't you take long breaks when learning!

Why shouldn't you take long breaks when learning German? There are many reasons but the fact is that practice really does make perfect. Consistency is key to remembering new vocabulary and phrases which leads to progress in your learning of German. Our German group classes or private classes will help you to stay consistent with your learning of German. It is important to keep up with your homework because you are applying the language skills in class! Watching some German television, listening to a German podcast or reading a German book will also help you to learn German in a less formal manner.

Of course everybody needs a break sometimes and that is completely normal. However it is important that these breaks don't last too long.

Think about it, when you stop learning German, you will stop seeing the progress that you are making and furthermore lose motivation to persist in your studies. It is a good idea to keep up with your German studies in some way, shape or form when on a short break.

For example you could watch a youtube video in German, listen to German music or watch a German film. Anything is better than nothing! Remember not to elongate these breaks and to have a plan in regards to when you'll book your next course with GermanMind! Bis bald!


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