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Working from home? We´ve got you covered!

Don't spend self-isolation just binging Netflix and eating snacks which were supposed to last the whole week... like my student Elli :D

Now is the perfect time to learn or try something new, or learn something you always wanted to learn. We have nothing but time, right?! So, why not FINALLY learning GERMAN while stuck at home!?

I have to admit, remote work is clearly NOT for ME - same for most of my students actually. But working remotely with my students is GREAT! I look forward to every single online class with them - maybe a tiny bit more than usual hihi

"Sarah, working remotely without my colleagues is really hard - and it's only week 1!" or "What should I do when I am home all day? Suddenly I have so much free time. I can already feel the cabin fever!" (please add random swear words here), and my favorite "Please give me more German homework, working from home and then staying at home all day is sooo hard." I have heard this more than once this week. I hear you, guys! We are all in the same boat. I miss my students, my teachers, I miss my normal routine. I miss Paddy who runs the copy-shop around the corner from GermanMind, I miss weekly coffee breaks with my friends who also work on Fitzwilliam Square...

Staying at home can be strange, especially now, that we are forced to work from home because of COVID-19. We all know how important self-isolation is and I know that most of you follow the rules and regulations from the HSE for the Coronavirus disease. Gut gemacht und weiter so!

Also, some of our current students are in difficult employment situations but would like to continue learning German with us. We got you covered because I strongly believe that we have to stick together now! Again, same boat! We will add more German courses with 25% Early Bird discounts shortly aaaand, we offer our German private classes with a discount of 25% and we have more special offers.

One of my best tips to not get cabin fever, is to normalize the situation for everyone. For us German teachers here at GermanMind as well as for our students. When we say, we love teaching German it's not just a phrase - we REALLY do!

So, guys, don't ́t get crazy - this is were GermanMind comes in!

Use your spare time and learn German with us.

With the amount of homework, we have for you, there is no chance for cabin fever!

Stay safe,

Sarah xx


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