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You are a winner!

Everyone who learns something new is automatically a winner.

Do you know this too? You want to be able to do something, but you think you will never learn it? Because it seems too extensive, you have little time available or you simply have the feeling that you are not the type of person who can succeed? But instead of trying, you don't even start?

For years, for example, there has been a piano in my apartment, an old heirloom. Every day I walk by it and think to myself, "If only I could play it!" So one day after another passes, days turn into years, and nothing has changed in my situation....

Yet it's not that hard to learn something new. You just mustn't make the same mistake that 95% of all people fail at: not even trying.

Let's stay with the example mentioned at the beginning: You have a piano and want to learn to play it. Lots of keys, plus pedals...


Always look at what you need to do now. Think in small units.

You are in control of your life. Create an ideal for yourself and don't listen to negative voices.

When you learn something, you should enjoy it. If another person has to force you, forget it! But if you want to teach yourself one of your favourite songs, you need to practice every day too Just 15 minutes, but well, every day....

Of course, this also applies to our German lessons. We create a positive atmosphere in our German courses, because we want you not only to learn something new every week, but also to have fun doing it.

We recommend that you spend 15 minutes every day learning - 5 new German verbs, 5 German sentences to write, or 5 minutes listening to a German podcast. That's doable!

It can also mean that sometimes you don't feel like it. But then you do it anyway, because if you give in, you've already lost....


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