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Accusative Case. Let's learn more German grammar!

Updated: Jul 1

What is the Accusative case? And how do we use it in the German language?

The accusative case marks the direct object in a sentence and is used for the thing or person receiving the direct action of a verb. Find the verb and ask “What part of the sentence is being verbed?” (What part of the sentence is being eaten?) The Accusative case follows certain verbs and prepositions. The masculine article is changed to den, the feminine and neutral articles remain the same.

Common verbs that take the accusative case:

haben, bezahlen, kaufen, verkaufen, besuchen, treffen, kennen, hören, sehen, verstehen, fragen, vergessen, lesen, schreiben, zählen, lernen essen, trinken, rauchen legen, setzen, stellen (+ preposition)

Prepositions that take the accusative case:

durch, ohne, gegen, für, um

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