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We love teaching German!

The German language has a bad reputation, but if you ask us German teachers here at GermanMind, that reputation is completely undeserved. We love the German language!

It is the language of some of Europe's greatest thinkers and writers. It is also simultaneously funny and poetic, expressive and logical, and incredibly useful.

After all, the German language has given us terms like schadenfreude, kitsch and doppelganger - and those are just the ones that made it into English. In what other language would you call overtaking trucks blocking the road an elephant race/ das Elefantenrennen?

What about the myths that German is difficult? German grammar can be challenging for native English speakers, but it is widely reported that about a quarter of English words are of Germanic origin. We can't be sure if this statistic is true, but there's no denying that German and English have a large amount of vocabulary in common. When you start learning, you will quickly notice how easy it is to recognise new words.

And with the right course, you will find that German grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are even less difficult. If you are unsure of your German level, you can always take a free personal level test. Simply get in touch vie info@germanmind.ie

In our German courses, we work on all content such as speaking, listening, writing, vocabulary and grammar. Whether you are looking for an online German course, one of our courses at school, a traditional approach to language learning, pronunciation exercises, advanced grammar lessons or something completely different: You will find the right German course in our timetable at GermanMind.

You will understand how German works and - perhaps more importantly - you will enjoy learning, stay motivated and be able to speak German with confidence.

Bis bald!


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