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Consistency is key to reaching your German language goals

The pandemic has brought many new students to GermanMind, all with varying goals and language levels. Regardless if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced level student, we only have one main strategy for success: consistency.

Consistency is essential for you to move forward in your German language goals, to create momentum in learning the language, and to progress at the desired pace you wish. Consistency builds positive study habits and routine, which coincides with your weekly German language classes, as well as your weekly homework and extracurricular activities.

Some tools we suggest to create consistency and build better study habits include:

  • Plan time everyday to study German - this can be as little as 10 minutes at lunchtime, or a 2 hour movie at the weekend. If you make time for learning German, then you will find it easier to achieve your goals with planned actions. Use flashcards on your lunch break, place post-its around the house with your new favorite German words,try to write your shopping list in German, start to watch German movies, listen to German radio. Our native German teachers will work with you to create weekly schedules that include German media, books, exercises, activities and more. Consistency creates greater language retention, just think of how a young child learns how to talk, they do it everyday, and never stop!

  • Welcome German into your technology - if you really want to be consistent with your learning and progress, you can switch your phone to the German language, your Facebook account, Netflix, laptop etc. You are now giving your brain an opportunity to learn German at every opportunity, and with most of us spending hours on our devices, this is a fool-proof way to spend more time on learning the language you love.

  • Remind yourself that progress is progress no matter how slow - this may be your first time learning German online, and you may feel overwhelmed, but all our students testify that every week they get better, and by the end of the course they can’t believe how much they can understand, read and speak German. Remembering why you started learning German will always keep you motivated, and with passionate teachers, excellent course curriculum and unlimited school support, we guarantee that you will progress towards your goals daily.

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit, and after one of our 6 week courses, we guarantee the German language will become an integrated part of your life. 75% of our beginner students advance to intermediate level, and many students study with us for years till they are fluent. Check out our student stories to find out why they recommend GermanMind.

Our new online German courses are beginning in April, just after Easter. From April 1st to 6th you can receive 10% off all courses when you use code ‘LearnGerman’ at checkout. Check out our timetable to pick a course that suits you.


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