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German language in the marketplace

Did you know the German language is spoken by over 130 million people around the world? German is the mother language for both Germany and Austria, with a combined total of 91.82 million people, it is the mother tongue most spoken in Europe.

Over 38 million people speak the language as their second, third or fourth language, in over 92 countries.

Some of you reading this may have studied German in school or college, some may have no connection to the language, but are interested in learning. Learning a new language is fun, but it can also be hugely rewarding for your career and future prospects.

The German Economy

Germany has one of the strongest economies in Europe, despite the current drop in GDP due to the pandemic. The German political strength and state support for business and industry has led the country to be a leader in Europe and internationally.

Most recently Germany has announced a €130bn Covid-19 rescue package to boost the economy and help the country recover. Germany is the fourth largest capital exporter in the world, and the third largest goods and services exporter also.

Working in Germany

Germany is home to numerous international corporations as well as hugely successful native companies. Some of the biggest economic global players are German, including Siemens, Volkswagen, Daimler AG, Adidas, Allianz, BMW, Bayer pharmaceutical, to name a few.

Although English is taught in German schools, knowing the language can greatly improve your chances for effective communication and successful professional relationships.

As well as being home to some of the top MNC’s in the world, Germany has some of the best working conditions in Europe. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the E.U, employees in the country enjoy generous benefits such as a 35 hour work week, and 30 days annual leave, on top of state holidays.

Start Up Central

Germany is leading the way in innovation with Berlin ranked as Europe’s second biggest startup hub. N26 the mobile banking company has been called one of the most innovative startups by LinkedIn, and is in good company with brands such as Blinkist, SoundCloud, Hello Fresh, and Babbel.

As well as providing a creative platform for the next generation of entrepreneurs, Germany also boasts one of the best higher education systems in Europe, with extremely low or free education, and an international reputation for science.

Sticking with the theme of creativity and innovation, over one hundred Nobel Prizes have gone to German citizens for accomplishments in physics, medicine, chemistry, literature and other areas. Albert Einstein the theoretical physicist was born in Germany, as well as composer Ludwig Van Beethoven.

The success of these startups is not only down to their innovation and drive, but also the capital investment they received. The country hosts some of the biggest international trade fairs including CeBIT, the world’s largest exhibition for information technology, as well as the IFA trade fair for consumer electronics.State support for innovation and technology provides a lucrative haven for E.U. companies looking for investment.

German Language Abroad

As previously mentioned, there are over 38 million people outside of Germany and Austria that speak the language. Many large MNC’s such as Google, LinkedIn and Facebook require German speakers outside of Germany. In Ireland for example there are numerous job vacancies with companies such as Accenture, HubSpot, PayPal, Amazon, Slack, Duolingo and more, available to individuals with a good grasp of the language.

There are over 15 million websites ending in .de, with opportunities to work and connect remotely with companies based in Germany.

German is easy to acquire with the right teachers and lessons. It is one of the most rewarding languages to speak, and one which can greatly advance your career, but before you rush off and book a class, I must teach you some new vocabulary that is now part of our everyday life.

  • die Schutzmaske- Schutzmaske (protective masks)

  • die soziale Distanzierung- Soziale Distanzierung (social distancing)

  • die Kontaktverfolgung- Kontaktverfolgung (contact tracing)

  • Eindämmen- (to contain or curb)

  • der Impfstoff- Impf (from impfen, meaning to vaccinate) and stoff - (der Stoff meaning substance) when together meaning vaccine.

If you have any questions please email or check out our website for German course details and timetables.


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