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How do I use gern in a sentence?

Lasst uns das Wort "gern" heute genauer ansehen. "Gern" doesn't translate very well to English. But don't worry – it'll become part of your vocabulary with just a bit of practice and you'll be using it confidently in no time.

- "Ich gehe gern mit meinem Hund in den Park."

The adverb "gern" means you enjoy doing the verb. It is simular to the verb "mögen" (to like) but it sounds more natural to say "Ich gehe gern in den Park." than "Ich mag in den Park (zu) gehen".

Hint: We use "mögen" with 'concrete' things, like "Ich mag diesen Film" or "Ich mag Erdbeeren". We use "gern" for activities/with verbs.

Ich backe gern Schokoladenkekse.

Ich mache gern Hausaufgaben.

Ich schwimme gern.

Fallen euch weitere Beispiele ein? Was macht ihr gern?

Wichtig: There is no difference between gern and gerne in meaning, and they are interchangeable in usage.


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