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Pssst! Know the #1 way to get better at German?

Practicing! Take 10 minutes now and practice!

How about German sentence structure?

Basic word order is 'subject, verb, object' just like in English! E.g. Ich trinke Wasser = I drink water. When there is a modal verb like 'want to' or 'to would like', etc. the full verb gets pushed to the end. E.g. Ich will Wasser trinken = I want to drink water.

Write down 10 sentence! 5 sentences with a model verb and 5 sentences without a modal verb. Or add them to the comments! I can´t wait to read them!

We are all at home at the moment. Why not using the time to learn something new? Staying at home, working from home can be so much nicer when you have something to look forward to! Check out our new German online courses. For ALL levels.


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