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3 Reasons why learning German will help your career

As we have mentioned before, German is the second most spoken language in Europe, and the 10th most spoken in the world. Apart from its immense popularity and adoration worldwide, the German language is by majority learnt to help advance careers.

If you are thinking about learning German soon, maybe this list will encourage you more:

1. Germany is Europe’s largest economy

Even despite the current pandemic we live in, Germany still has one of the strongest economies. In 2020 the German economy shrank by 5%, much lower than the EU average of 10%, ending a ten year growth phase for the country. Currently at the start of 2021, markets remain stable in Germany, with huge government aid to industry, and financial support to all citizens.

2. Germany is home to some of the biggest and best MNC’s

We all know Germany is home to brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Siemens, but it is also home to huge multinationals such as SAP (software), Deutsche Telekom (telecommunications), Allianz (financial services), Adidas (sports retailer) and Bosch (electrical appliances). These well known companies are renowned for their German roots, however some other big names are also German natives like Nivea, DHL, Knorr foods, Sixt car rental and Puma.

3. German success in Ireland

Some of Germany’s biggest names above have set up office in Ireland, including Allianz and SAP. Speaking German is an asset when working for these companies, allowing career progression and advancement internally, as well as enabling employees to socialise better with their German counterparts.

Some international companies in Ireland such as Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Air BnB, Accenture and Duolingo request German speaking employees, with many Irish employees starting their German language journey within these brands to enable them to rank higher.

We currently teach a number of Irish students who work for Lidl here in Dublin, and in almost one year a number of them are practically fluent, and even better, they have nailed the accent!

We are biased with our love of the German language, however understanding, speaking and writing the language will help your career prospects here in Ireland, Germany and worldwide.

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