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Are you dreaming of living in Germany?

Many of our students study at so they can improve their German language skills to live and work successfully in Germany. Understanding and speaking the native language is imperative to communicating effectively with locals.

Germany is a beautiful country, home to over 83 million inhabitants, and has some of the prettiest landscapes of rivers, mountains, forests and lakes. Germany is also home to some of the biggest tech firms, startups and brands in the world. Germany also has a creative side with a variety of studios, museums, art colleges and cultural outlets.

Whatever your dream, Germany has a variety of locations to suit your every need.

Berlin: Germany’s capital and largest city is located in the north east of the country and is a haven for politics, culture, science, history and art. Whether you wish to pursue a career in painting, architecture, music, Berlin has you covered with places such as the Berlin Opera, Museum Island (UNESCO World Heritage Site), and Gendarmenmarkt. Berlin is also home to the largest number of startups in Germany, with over 16% of all German startups located in the city, including banking giant N26.

Munich/München: Germany’s third largest city, located in the south east of the country and capital of Bavaria. As most people know, Munich is one of Europe’s brewing capitals, home to famous breweries with beers some of you may recognise- Paulaner, Hofbräu and Augustiner. Munich is also home to the biggest car manufacturers in the world, Audi and BMW, as well as ICT giant Siemens. Not forgetting about culture and history, when visiting Munich you must see the grand palace of Munich Residenz, dating back to the 14th century, boasting 130 rooms in one of the most structurally beautiful buildings in Germany.

Hamburg: Germany’s port city, located in the north and home to the famous Port of Hamburg, connecting Germany’s inland waterways via the River Elbe. In 2021 this port celebrated its 832nd year, digitally of course, until it is safe to do so. This transport hub is also known as the city of ‘cool’, where it is home to various alternative places such as Wilhelmsburg, a mecca of flea markets, cultural houses and one of the biggest LGBT scenes in Hamburg. Hamburg is a diverse city home to a Portugese quarter, and also Danish, Finnish and Swedish churches.

Most German cities are a mix of old and new, post war meets hipster cool, and everything you could possibly need in between, however there are also some amazing places outside of Germany to live and use our German language skills.

Austria: Located to the south east of Germany, this mountainous country is home to some of the world’s best classical music in Vienna, and some of the best architecture in the world. Most you you will know Salzburg, Austria from the movie ‘The Sound of Music’, and yes it really is that beautiful. Visit the home of Mozart, or ski in the Austrian Alps, but one quick tip for you - never tell an Austrian they are German, they will be very cross with you.

Switzerland: Located to the south west of Germany, this country is known for many things including it’s great chocolate, cheese, muesli and watches. Did you know Switzerland is home to Rolex, Tissot, Omega and Longines watches? The Swiss are one of the biggest exporters in the world, with huge pharmaceutical firms such as Roche and Novartis located there. Apart from German, French, Italian and Romanian are also spoken here.

I think we know that there is ample opportunity to advance your career in many industries and sectors across these cities and countries who speak German.

Do you want to live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Do you know what level your German language is currently?

Book a free German levels test here, and we will discuss your language level and what online German course would best suit you. Check out our timetable for our next course.

Bis bald!


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