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German Articles? How to get them right!

Check the noun! There are dozens of different endings and: They tell you the German article. Did you know that? Our students learn this rule in one of their first classes of their German courses here at GermanMind.

We aim to make learning German as simple as possible! The more of the general characteristics (ending, biological gender, meaning), that determine the article, you know, the closer you will get to 100%!

This trick is for speaking German. If you have time to check the word - please do so, write it down and remember it!

DER - 41%

DIE - 35%

DAS - 24%

... 41% of the German nouns get DER, 35% get DIE and only 24% get DAS!

1. People are always male and animals are ALMOST always (unless you talk about a woman → ending in or woman or a female animal)

2. All words ending on "chen", "lein" and "ment" get a "DAS".

3. All words ending on “e”, “heit”, “keit”, “ung”, “schaft” and “ion” are “DIE”.

4. Treat all other nouns as masculine.

Exceptions are often neutral, so "DAS"! The better you understand the rules for neutral nouns, the better you will guess the articles.

That's it! You "only" have to learn 3 neutral and 6 feminine endings and note that

people are always masculine unless they are women. As mentioned above, we cover this rule and similar rules very early in our German private classes and German group courses. Have a look at our page Class Content to find out what else you will be learning in our German courses and classes.

PS: In addition to the rules of the article trick, focus on the rules for feminine and neutral nouns. This trick is supposed to help you speaking German and when you have no time to check the dictionary. Unfortunately, this rule doesn't always work.... but mostly!

At GermanMind, we now focus on learning German online. Our lunchtime and evening group courses take place online - guys, thanks for your lovely feedback after week 1. Super motivation for us to keep going!

We will have more online courses starting soon. And we understand that these are difficult times - for all of us. Some of our students lost their jobs or a temporary unemployed - we will offer all German group courses for a reduced price, 15% OFF. Wunderbar!

Our courses for June and early July are online now! Here is our timetable. Let´s plan ahead, the self isolation because of coronavirus is only temporary! Soon closed pubs and closed coffee shops will be open again, and so will GermanMind!

Keep an eye on our website, guys, we will update our next German courses shortly!

Keep safe, keep happy, keep motivated. We are in this together.

Bis bald!


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