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GermanMind's secret weapon for study!

This free learning resource is GermanMind's secret weapon for study!

Our passionate native German teachers have created educational blogs filled with practical tips, advice, revision, and more to help you succeed at learning Europe's most popular language.

Whether it is verbs, vocabulary, adjectives, sentence structure, or just a review of chapters learnt in class, these useful blogs will enhance your German learning experience.

Each blog is designed with student success in mind, with lessons available for all levels, as well as in all areas of German comprehension. We will be adding new blogs every week with more topics that directly relate to your in class lessons, and additional activities and advice that will excel your German language journey.

Let´s start with VERBS.

Advice 1: In a main clause, the verb is on position 2!! Never forget that! There can be more than just one word on position 1 though... e.g. "Heute Morgen" but it is still treated as position 1. The verb comes right after: Heute Morgen habe ich eine Tasse Kaffee getrunken.

AND: Did you know that haben (to have) and sein (to be) are two of the most common verbs you will learn in German? These are VERY important for beginners as you will use them almost ALL the time - especially when talking about yourself! Eg. Ich bin _ Jahre alt! (I am _ years old!)

The trick with verbs is to learn the endings and then figure out if there’s anything special about the verb in which case it changes!Eg. General endings for verbs are ‘e, st, t, en, t, en/en’ but this can change with certain verbs! Do you have any #grammar learning tips or questions? Let us know in the comments!

Currently, all our German group courses and private German classes take place exclusively online in the form of live and interactive classes with our lovely native German teachers!

To reassure you, we do everything possible to keep the high teaching standard you are used to. Our online classes will be highly participative - as always, we encourage you to speak German and ask questions in our small German classes.

Have a look at the FEEDBACK FROM OUR STUDENTS. You can go ahead with your booking now or contact us via info@germanmind.ie if you have any questions. 


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